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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Happy New Year! What an end to the year 2011. Any New Year's Resolution Yet? Retina Display resolution of 2048 x 1536, maybe?

Here's a nice little light show to end 2011 with.

Next-gen iPad in First Quarter of '12, Expect Retina Display

According to DigiTimes, Apple manufacturing partners have already begun delivering parts and components for the third-generation iPad to OEM contractors. The production of the 'iPad 3' could reach 9.5-9.8 million units next quarter, expected to arrive within 3 to 4 months.

The next-gen 'iPad 3' is widely believed to include a display with Retina Display-like quality. It was reported in Wall Street Journal that Apple has invested in a Sharp factory for production of LCD panels that is rumored to utilize IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology to help provide a thinner design while improving battery life for the next iPad.

Source : Digitimes | WSJ

Merry X'Mas, Everybody!

Hope you have a wonderful X'Mas and a Happy New Year! Here's a cute little ad from Apple:

Bug Allows Stolen iPhones to Receive iMessages Even After Remote Wipe

Scattered reports have emerged that stolen iPhones continue to receive iMessages intended for their original owners even after changing numbers, resetting Apple ID passwords and remote wiping the handsets.

"Some unlucky iPhone owners are beginning to discover that, despite their best efforts to remove all information from their stolen phones, thieves and unsuspecting buyers are still able to send and receive iMessages as the original owner—even after the device is registered under a new account. Almost nothing seems to work—remote wiping, changing Apple ID passwords, or even moving the old phone number to a new phone—and users are becoming more than frustrated that thieves are so easily able to pose as them."

The issue does not seem to be an isolated incident. Some users suggested that wiping an iPhone when the original SIM card is still in the device won't result in a clean reset, thereby allowing the iMessage feature to reactivate when the phone is restored.

Apple has yet to make a response.


Stephen Wolfram Remembers Steve Jobs

Stephen Wolfram, creator of the popular program Mathematica and the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine used by Siri on the iPhone 4S, describes his first meeting with the late Apple co-founder.

Jobs told him that he was "picking all sorts of bold new hardware and software technologies for his computer" and he wanted one of them to be Mathematica, the software that Wolfram created.

He mentioned that Jobs was "always a great supporter" and "always keen" to work with them.


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