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March 2 Media Event - iPad 2 Introduction?

Apple on Wednesday sent out official invitations for a media event next week on March 2 in San Francisco, presumably to show off its second-generation iPad. Apple sent out the invitations to the media on Wednesday. The event will be held as usual at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

An image sent with the invitation shows an iOS calendar icon with the date March 2. The calendar is peeling away to show an iPad screen in the background, confirming that the event will indeed be about the iPad.

The announcement confirms a rumor from earlier this week that Apple would host a media event next Wednesday. While specs of the iPad 2 are a tightly guarded secret, it is widely thought the device will feature a front-facing camera with FaceTime video support and be thinner than its predecessor.

Analysts expect that Apple partner Foxconn will build between 4.5 million and 5 million iPad 2 units in the first quarter of 2011. That would be followed by another 3 million to 4 million units in April. [ Read more.. ]

MacBook Pros would premier an unknown "new technology", possibly Light Peak.

A report by the French MacGeneration said that upcoming MacBook Pros would premier an unknown "new technology," describing Light Peak as a possible candidate.

Apple and Intel have been publicly working together to deploy Light Peak for some time, and the tech was first demonstrated by Intel on a Mac desktop system. Apple reportedly asked Intel to develop a new cabling standard with the ability to handle "massive amounts of data," and serve as a replacement for a variety of ports now in use, including USB, Ethernet, FireWire, and DisplayPort.

Intel has aimed the technology at achieving 100Gbps throughput via light using fibre optic strands, reflected in the technology's moniker. But Apple is rumored to be using an electrical variant using copper wire that can achieve 10Gbps, and has filed patents that describe lower powered mobile versions suitable for devices like iPad.


Video : Steve Jobs Appear to be "Walking Unsteadily"

According to paparazzi web site RadarOnline, they apparently have an exclusive video of Steve Jobs coming out of the treatment at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California, appearing to be walking "wobbly and unsteadily".

Jobs has been on a medical leave for undisclosed reasons since mid-January. According to the site he is receiving treatment, and it's unknown whether Jobs' current health battle is related to his liver transplant from 2009, or whether the pancreatic cancer he previously defeated has returned, or if indeed there is a new problem.

Has health problems deteriorated or is the unsteadiness just temporary as a result of the treatments he received?

Hope you get well soon, Steve.

Click image for the link to the video.

Rumor : Updated MacBook Pros Feature Even Larger Trackpads & Boot From SSDs

A new rumor attributed suggests that the refresh of MacBook Pros will feature even larger trackpads and boot from solid state drives, even on models equipped with a conventional hard disk drive.

The rumor , notes that "new laptops will contain glass trackpads that are even larger than the pads found on current-generation MacBook Pro models." and that "next bit of information doesn’t quite make sense to us," but describes an 8 to 16GB Solid State Drive being used as the Mac OS X startup volume even on base models, along with a regular hard drive as well.

Higher end models are said to use SSD exclusively, much like the existing MacBook Airs.

By combining both types of drives, Apple could provide rapid boot and "instant on" features currently available on the iPad and MacBook Air, while also providing large amounts of general storage for power users' large documents. The sources also say that the new MacBooks are about a half-pound lighter on average than each of their relative current models.


Microsoft Paying Nokia Billions to Use Windows Phone Platform

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop revealed that Microsoft is paying the Finnish handset maker billions of dollars to switch to Windows Phone, as the two companies struggle to compete with Apple and Google. Elop revealed the agreement in an effort to appease investors, after his company's stock tumbled 14 percent following the announced partnership with Microsoft.

The CEO said Microsoft's payments acknowledge the "substantial value to contribute" that Nokia offers the Redmond, Wash., software giant. He also said that his company will pay Microsoft royalties for the use of its software, as is standard practice.


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