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Designated CNY Gift Download Everyday for 8 days

From the iTunes Store this Chinese New Year - download a designated gift everyday for 8 days! Starting today (8th February) to 15th February. Go check out your iTunes Store everyday for freebies now!

One-Day Apple Shopping Event 2013

There will be a special "One-Day Apple Shopping Event" for 2013 tomorrow (Friday) at the Apple Online Store.

The page, in red was simply written "Take Home the Perfect Gifts for the Chinese New Year", followed by "This Friday, January 25, shop the Apple Online Store where you'll find great gifts for everyone on your list and get free shipping."

Every year, Apple's online store gives special promotions for one day only. We are expecting certain products will see special discounts.

Source : Apple

First Pebble Smart Watches to Begin Shipping

The multi-million-dollar Kickstarter sensation Pebble smart watch will begin shipping to the first customers later this month. The Pebble sells for USD$149 (about RM447) and is available in black, grey, red, orange, and white. This news is recently announced at CES.

The watch uses a 1.26-inch display and has a resolution of 144 by 168 pixels. Charging uses a magnetic cable that clips to the side of the device allowing some water resistance rating of 5ATM.

Messages and alerts will be sent from an iPhone or Android device to the Pebble. The watch is fully customizable, and has lots of options for watchfaces and, if you're handy with scripts or codes, you can write your own customaization with the Pebble SDK.

It looks like the trend now is headed with wearable miniaturized computers, with both glasses and watches.

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Speedy 802.11ac Networking Coming to Macs Soon?

Apple has reportedly struck a deal with Broadcom that will place superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips in its 2013 Mac lineup. Also known as "5G Wi-Fi", it offers up to 1.3Gbps data with a three-antenna design. Macs currently use up to three antennas to achieve 802.11n speeds of up to 450Mbps. But the 802.11ac standard starts at 450Mbps with one antenna, and a triple-antenna version can increase wireless speeds to 1.3Gbps.

The chips are not yet available and still remain in development. While some vendors have introduced 802.11ac networking to notebooks, large scale notebook support is lacking. If everything goes according to schedule, they should be introduced in the new line of Mac computers.


Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch for iPhones

Well-known watch manufacturer Citizen has recently designed a Bluetooth watch capable of communicating over the latest iPhones, without looking too much like a geek.

With an rather attractive analog dial, it can signal you with a subtle vibration when email, an incoming call or a calendar event occurs. If you travel to a different time zone, the watch automatically updates the date and time via your iPhone. A unique feature allows it to trigger an alarm to your iPhone if you misplaced it (within the Bluetooth's range).

To notify you that your phone has a new message or event, the seconds hand from the time moves over to one of the indicators on the inner flange ring of the dial. It stays there until you notice it, and that doesn't affect the time keeping. [ Read more.. ]

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