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Siri Coming to Macs?

Rumors are going around that Apple's MacBook Air is rumored to be updated with a a dual-microphone system that would help with voice recognition and dictation this coming WWDC. The aesthetics of the design is expected to be unchanged.

This change could be a hint that Siri, previously available on iPad and iPhones, could be coming to the Mac!

With the Pro model possibly being phased out in the future, Apple seems to be concentrating on moving to SSD (solid state drives) as the main storage solution for its laptop models. The MacBook Pro is not expected to receive any hardware update.

Apple is also expected to reveal iOS7 with an overhauled interface and OS X 10.9 at WWDC 2013 on Monday, 10th June. Rumors are abuzz with square icons and the removal of gloss from the icons of iOS7, but this is still uncertain. The change could be minimal, as any abrupt changes to the interface is usually disastrous, as seen happening with Microsoft's Metro interface.

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COOKOO - the Bluetooth Watch for iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S

Unlike other smart watches, such as the Pebble, the Cookoo is fairly feature-limited. But this simplicity allows for a beautiful design, outstanding battery life and the low price of USD$129. The watch features an analog timepiece, with a black digital background. There are four buttons on the watch, a black Connect and Light button on the left and a black Command button and a blue mode button on the right. Between the two buttons, is the crown to adjust the analog clock.

The Cookoo is currently available in three colors with four different colored straps. In addition to the blue model, the watch strap is also available in white or pink. A pack of four straps, each a different color, can be purchased for $49.99, allowing you to switch the watch strap between black, white, blue and pink bands.

Cookoo claims a battery life of up to a year if the phone remains in standby mode, or around 9 months of use with average alert volume. [ Read more.. ]

The Much Rumored Apple Wristwatch - What Can We Expect?

If the Apple watch is coming, what will it be like?

In this very informative article, written from the perspective of a watch enthusiast site ABlogtoWatch writes about what we can expect from an Apple device that is a wristwatch, and cites the reasons for doing such a product.

Using various examples of "Smart Watches", such as those from Pebble and Citizen with some function of syncing data with the phone via bluetooth, he speculates what these watches will need to have in terms of functionality, what Apple has to learn from the watch manufacturing industries, and the challenges needed to address, such as battery life, build materials and aesthetics of a wristwatch.

Read about it here

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Rumor: iPhone 5S Coming 3rd Quarter 2013?

According to rumors Apple is planning to begin production of a possible iPhone update in the second quarter of this year, and that this "iPhone 5S" might include a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button for secure transactions. The "5S" will be sold by the 3rd quarter 2013, sometime in June or July. It will largely have the same design as the existing model, but most likely boast a built-in fingerprint sensor, improved camera and more powerful processor.

Also possibly coming out is newer & less expensive iPhone model addressing the low-end smartphone market, particularly in developing countries. This more affordable iPhone will likely have different casings from the higher-end iPhone and different color cases for the phone but details are unclear.


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Designated CNY Gift Download Everyday for 8 days

From the iTunes Store this Chinese New Year - download a designated gift everyday for 8 days! Starting today (8th February) to 15th February. Go check out your iTunes Store everyday for freebies now!

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