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The Much Rumored Apple Wristwatch - What Can We Expect?

If the Apple watch is coming, what will it be like?

In this very informative article, written from the perspective of a watch enthusiast site ABlogtoWatch writes about what we can expect from an Apple device that is a wristwatch, and cites the reasons for doing such a product.

Using various examples of "Smart Watches", such as those from Pebble and Citizen with some function of syncing data with the phone via bluetooth, he speculates what these watches will need to have in terms of functionality, what Apple has to learn from the watch manufacturing industries, and the challenges needed to address, such as battery life, build materials and aesthetics of a wristwatch.

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Rumor: iPhone 5S Coming 3rd Quarter 2013?

According to rumors Apple is planning to begin production of a possible iPhone update in the second quarter of this year, and that this "iPhone 5S" might include a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button for secure transactions. The "5S" will be sold by the 3rd quarter 2013, sometime in June or July. It will largely have the same design as the existing model, but most likely boast a built-in fingerprint sensor, improved camera and more powerful processor.

Also possibly coming out is newer & less expensive iPhone model addressing the low-end smartphone market, particularly in developing countries. This more affordable iPhone will likely have different casings from the higher-end iPhone and different color cases for the phone but details are unclear.


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Designated CNY Gift Download Everyday for 8 days

From the iTunes Store this Chinese New Year - download a designated gift everyday for 8 days! Starting today (8th February) to 15th February. Go check out your iTunes Store everyday for freebies now!

One-Day Apple Shopping Event 2013

There will be a special "One-Day Apple Shopping Event" for 2013 tomorrow (Friday) at the Apple Online Store.

The page, in red was simply written "Take Home the Perfect Gifts for the Chinese New Year", followed by "This Friday, January 25, shop the Apple Online Store where you'll find great gifts for everyone on your list and get free shipping."

Every year, Apple's online store gives special promotions for one day only. We are expecting certain products will see special discounts.

Source : Apple

First Pebble Smart Watches to Begin Shipping

The multi-million-dollar Kickstarter sensation Pebble smart watch will begin shipping to the first customers later this month. The Pebble sells for USD$149 (about RM447) and is available in black, grey, red, orange, and white. This news is recently announced at CES.

The watch uses a 1.26-inch display and has a resolution of 144 by 168 pixels. Charging uses a magnetic cable that clips to the side of the device allowing some water resistance rating of 5ATM.

Messages and alerts will be sent from an iPhone or Android device to the Pebble. The watch is fully customizable, and has lots of options for watchfaces and, if you're handy with scripts or codes, you can write your own customaization with the Pebble SDK.

It looks like the trend now is headed with wearable miniaturized computers, with both glasses and watches.

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