"Samsung's Galaxy Tab Is iPad's First Real Rival" - WSJ


"I've been testing the Tab for a couple of weeks and I like it. It's a serious alternative to the iPad and one that will be preferred by some folks. It includes the three most-requested features missing in the iPad: a camera (two in fact); the ability to run Web videos and applications written in Adobe's Flash software; and multitasking, though, to be fair, the latter feature is coming to the iPad imminently via a software update. Another strong point is that like Apple, Samsung has rewritten some of the standard apps, such as the email and calendar programs, to make them look more like PC programs and less like smartphone apps."

Walter S. Mossberg seems to think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a worthy rival to Apple's iPad, noting that for its size, will definitely attract its share of users because it was different enough from the iPad. He notes that however, video and audio calls using Qik dropped often, something the Qik will fix soon, battery life isn't as long and playing Flash on the browsers is a mixed bag - on some occasions getting unresponsive and crashing, and always slowing down the browser.